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Makwa Creative is a fully Indigenous-owned production company.

We focus on sharing Indigenous stories from a creative perspective, and to support Indigenous creators to reach a wider audience in TV, documentaries, podcasts, and digital media.

We direct and produce film and TV series which respect the powerful truths and knowledge systems of Indigenous peoples from Canada.

Makwa means black bear in Ojibwe with many stories about its roles and contributions on Turtle Island. Makwa Creative was started to give voice and stage to Indigenous creators sharing about the resilience of Indigenous peoples.

Makwa Creative works closely with Antica Productions and Westwood Creative Artists to bring life to Indigenous stories.


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Tanya Talaga

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Tanya Talaga is the Director and Executive Producer of Spirit to Soar, Executive Producer for Auntie Up!, Creator of 7 Truths, and Author of Seven Fallen Feathers: Racism, Death and Hard Truths in a Northern City and All Our Relations: Finding the Path Forward.

Tanya Talaga is Ojibwe with roots in Fort William First Nation in Ontario, Canada. She worked as a journalist at the Toronto Star for more than twenty years, and has been nominated five times for the Michener Award in public service journalism. Talaga holds an honorary Doctor of Letters from Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, and shares her expertise on the boards of PEN Canada and The Narwal. Tanya is the President and CEO of Makwa Creative, a production company focused on Indigenous storytelling.

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Jolene Banning

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Jolene Banning is one of the regular hosts of Auntie Up! She is one of the creators and a producer of this exciting new video podcast!

Jolene is an Anishinaabe-kwe journalist, writer, and storyteller whose documentary, podcasting and written work highlights Anishinaabe resilience and culture, and how these intersect with colonialism in northwestern Ontario and across Canada. Bylines/credits include: The Globe and Mail, CBC News, Canadaland, Makwa Creative, Canadian Medical Journal Association. She was the keynote speaker at the 2019 Journalist For Human Rights Gala in Toronto.

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Kim Wheeler

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Kim Wheeler is also one the regular hosts of Auntie Up! Kim is also one of the creators behind Auntie Up! And is also working as a producer on the show.

Kim brought positive Indigenous stories to mainstream and Indigenous media since 1993. She has carved out a career as a writer, publicist and producer across a variety of disciplines. Her audio work has been recognized by the New York Festivals, ImagineNative, Indigenous Music Awards and Prix Italia. Currently, Kim works from her treehouse media office with multiple clients in publicity, magazines, film and podcasts.

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Elder Sam Acheepineskum

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Integrity to uphold Indigenous knowledges Makwa Creative is honoured to be supported by Elder Sam from Martin Falls First Nation. Elder Sam provides advice and support from his expertise in culture and relationships. He brings a sense of humor and balance, as well as a depth of knowledge from Anishinaabe from northern Ontario.