Ep 0 Oct. 29, 2021 Introducing Auntie Up!

Auntie Up! is a celebration of Indigenous women talking about the important shit. Aunties will tell you straight up what you need to know and they aren’t afraid to mince words. Auntie Up! is an unfiltered conversation into the Indigenous world view -- or at least the Auntie world view.

Ep 1 Nov. 1, 2021 Meeting the Aunties!

On the debut episode of Auntie Up!, the podcast that makes space to elevate Indigenous kwe’s voices, we meet the visionaries behind the show. We pull the curtain back on what the show is all about, who we’ll be talking to, and what you can expect. Spoiler alert - we’re not holding back! If the aunties won't tell it like it is, who will?!

Ep 2 Nov. 8, 2021 Land Defenders and Water Protectors

On Auntie Up! land defenders Ellen Gabriel and Kahanus Manuel join the Aunties to share firsthand accounts of what it’s like to stand-up and fight for what is right - your land.

Ep 3 Nov. 15, 2021 Cultivating Changes to the Business Landscape

Utilizing traditional knowledge and values to build successful businesses while empowering and giving back to Indigenous women, guests Patrice Mousseau and Sage Paul share what makes them resilient and adaptable in today’s market and how they broke through on their own terms.

Ep 4 Nov. 22, 2021 Reclaiming Our Languages

The Aunties get schooled in Indigenous languages -- in more than one way. Elder Edna Wigwas and language enthusiast Christi Belcourt talk mother tongues.

Ep 5 Nov. 29, 2021 Writing our Wrongs

Your favourite cousin, Rosanna Deerchild joins the aunties to pay tribute to literary legend Lee Maracle.

Ep 6 Dec. 6, 2021 Beading a Political Statement

Beaded earrings are a visual reminder that we are still here and will not be assimilated. Every piece is a statement of our resistance. We’ll look at how beading has become an act of resistance and how it still is a part of trade and commerce.

Ep 7 Dec. 13, 2021 Lateral Violence vs. Lateral Kindness

It used to be called crabs in a bucket syndrome -- once one is climbing up and out, the others try to pull them back down. Why do we try and keep those who rise down? How do we address lateral violence with lateral kindness?

Ep 8 Dec. 20, 2021 Climate Crisis in Indigenous Communities

Water walker Tasha Beeds shares why she walks to raise awareness about the importance of honouring the water. Journalist Stephanie Wood talks about her work covering climate change in B.C. Guest hosts Christine Genier and Brandi Morin lead the conversation.

Ep 9 Dec. 27, 2021 Critics say the Inquiry into MMIWG Got it Wrong, Did We?

Tanya Talaga hosts this episode examining the issue of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls and two-spirit people. Jolene Banning and Gladys Radek share their stories of their own family members they have lost. Dr. Pamela Palmater also joins the conversation to offer her expert advice on what more needs to happen to put the 231 Calls for Justice into action.

Ep 10 Jan. 3, 2022 From Bannock to Boujee

While bannock is not a traditional food, it is a staple in Indigenous homes. But what happens when you take bannock and pair it with high-end Indigenous recipes and plate it for some of the most discerning diners across the country? Inez Cook, owner of Salmon n’ Bannock in Vancouver and Tracey Kim Bonneau, creator of the TV show Quest Out West (Wild Food) share their food journeys.